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Opal Jewellery and Cabochons

Dainty Opal Drops, Sterling Silver.

Blue Opal Stud Earrings, Australian Crystal Opal.

Black Opal Drop Earrings, Sterling Silver.

Blue Opal Dangle Earrings, Sterling Silver.

Silver and Opal Drop Earrings, Australian White Opal and Doublets.

Silver and Opal Necklace, Handmade.

Gold Opal Necklace.

Silver and Opal Stud Earrings, Australian Opal Doublets.

Green Opal Drop Earrings, Australian Crystal Opals in Sterling Silver

Gold and Opal Pendant, 9ct Yellow Gold.

Silver Opal Statement Ring.

Large Unisex Opal Ring, Sterling Silver.

Gold and Opal Pendant, 9ct Yellow Gold and Diamond.

Australian Opal Shell, Full Colour. Collectable Piece.

Fossilised Opal Shells.

The Team Behind OlliesOpals!

Australian Black Opal Pendant, 9ct Yellow Gold.

Carved Opal and Pearl Pendant.

Opal Shell Finished!

Opal Shell, Starting to Cut.

Gold and Opal Pendant, Stunning Red Fire!

Unique Opal and Diamond Pendant

Oliver Faithful Member of Our Business RIP 2020

New Designs for Christmas 2021

Handmade Opal Ring, 9ct Yellow Gold and Diamond.

Black Opal Pendant, 9ct Yellow Gold.

Opal Shell, Set as a Clam Design, Sterling Silver and Pearl.

Crystal Opal Pendant, 18ct White Gold and Diamond.

Skin Shell With multi Directional Colours, Stunning Australian Opal. Now Sold!

Unique Boulder Opal Brooch, Victorian 15ct Gold Setting.

18ct White Gold Black Opal Ring

Lightning Ridge Semi Black Opals

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